“J. Cannibal, the ‘King of Horror Burlesque.’”

—Boston’s Weekly Dig

“J. Cannibal’s Feast of Flesh, led by real-life undertaker and zombie lover J. Cannibal, is a celebration of all things terrifying.”

—The Improper Bostonian

Think Rocky Horror Picture Show with less androgyny and more anthropophagy.”

—The Onion

“[J.Cannibal] is the sort of guy people brag about knowing. After all, he sounds like an exotic, epic character: poet, undertaker, horror-burlesque king, small-press publisher, show promoter, fake-blood engineer.”

—The Boston Phoenix


"J. Cannibal is Boston's horror tastemaker. He knows fear on a screen."



TerrorThon at the Boston Tattoo Convention

Members of Black Cat Burlesque have been promoting TerrorThon'10 all weekend at the Boston Tattoo Convention. Here's a taste...

Buddy Knuckles and Penny Candy get zombified

 Mister Reusch in one of his many costume creations


J. Cannibal's Feast of Flesh 10, part of TerrorThon '10!

Black Ocean Presents
featuring the alien zombie splatter classic NIGHT OF THE CREEPS
plus special guests BLACK CAT BURLESQUE
with live music by PLANETOID
Saturday, October 2nd / 10pm / $10 Adv. $12 Door

Real-life undertaker and long time zombie fanatic J. Cannibal—dubbed the King of Horror Burlesque—presents a gruesome banquet of midnight mayhem!

This frightful night of fun kicks off with Planetoid, whose mission is to enslave the human race with their transmissions of face-melting rock! Marooned on this accursed planet known as Earth, they have taken on the guise of the most highly respected and influential force this world has ever known: That of a rock & roll band! Following their set will be a bevy of grotesque burlesque courtesy of the infamous horror troupe, Black Cat Burlesque. Dedicated to putting the BUMP back into the night, Black Cat Burlesque has been raising pulses, the dead and a whole lot of hell since 2003. As the bad seeds of Boston Burlesque, this scream team mines the depths of their twisted psyches—blending striptease thrills and spookshow chills to push the boundaries of the art form and explore the dark, cobwebbed corners of neo-cabaret.

For the night’s feature, Mr. Cannibal has hand-picked the alien-zombie-splatter-camp-classic, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS. Featuring intergalactic slugs, an 80s teen prom, plenty of blood and more quotable one-liners than you can shake a rotting finger at—this film was destined to be a cult hit. You definitely want to catch this one on the big screen!

Free gory goodie bags will be handed out to all, and J. Cannibal will award a number of prizes for the best zombie costumes.

Brought to you by the creative minds of Black Ocean, this will be a show of insanity from beyond the grave that you don’t want to miss! With hundreds of fiends showing up to each Feast of Flesh over the past ten years, come see what the excitement is about for yourself!



Feast of Flesh 9 Comes to Boston 10/03/09!!!


Thanks and Feast makes the news again!

Thanks to the 300+ ghouls who came out last weekend to make FOF8 one of the best nights of the year. I’ll be posting pictures soon in the gallery; we had tons of talented photographers there. Some video will be up and available soon too!


In other news, H. Cannibal’s Feast of Flesh just got a nod from the editor’s at the Boston Phoenix for their “Best of Boston” issue. The category? Best Naked Zombies. Check it out:



Best Naked zombies

Feast of Flesh

Twice a year at the Coolidge Corner Theatre, skull-faced gentle giant J. Cannibal presents FEAST OF FLESH, an undead extravaganza featuring live music, a zombie contest, and zombie-themed "grotesque burlesque" (where else can you see green, rotting tits?), all culminating in a cult-classic zombie B-flick, handpicked by the Cannibal himself. He used to be an undertaker, so the man knows his corpses. Feast of Flesh is generally packed to the decaying gills with the freaks and geeks of the local underworld (i.e., Hot Topic enthusiasts) and die-hard fans of horror kitsch, so plan your visit to the Feast early.


April 11th: J. Cannibal's Feast of Flesh VIII