The evil geniuses of Black Cat Burlesque have joined in an unholy union with the madcaps minds of Something Weird video to bring you a night of HOWLarious horror and demonic decadence with the all-GHOUL production:


A dangerous new dimension in unearthly entertainment, combining classic Spookshow thrills, chills and kills with BCB’s patented potion of shudders, shockers and plenty of knockers! We guarantee 1001 Shocktastic Thrills in which you will:

- HEAR the voice of an actual DEMON as it is EXORCISED before your very eyes!
- WITNESS a real live Satanic Ritual IN PERSON!
- SEE the World’s Most Talented ZOMBIE win hearts,minds and of course, BRAAAAAAAAAAAINNNNNNSS!
- WIN a chance to go home with an ACTUAL DEAD BODY!

Join J. Cannibal, Mary Widow, Devilicia, Mister Reusch, our newest Hex-Kitten, Penny Candy with special guests the Babes in Boinkland as the underworld’s greatest gathering of gorgeous ghouls revel in a bloody pit of macabre mayhem! Unspeakable entities engage in a congress of horrors with delectably diabolical dames for an eye-popping, toe-curling, tassel-twirling trip into TerrorTown! Twist into oblivion with our very special guest, Creighton, of the gasp-tacular Ghoul-a-Go-Go! Something Weird will make you squirm and squeal with the world’s most arcane collection of rare horror trailers and a very special presentation of “Monsters Crash the Pajama Party," brought to you in HORRORVISION! Hairs (and more than a few eyebrows) will be raised! We won't just be tingling your spine as the dead are dragged out of their graves for pleasures both perverse and phantasmagoric. 

Free Anti-Panic Pills for the weak-willed!

Try not to faint or you may be abducted by INHUMAN MONSTERS and LIVING NIGHTMARES. Both beauties and beasts will make you shiver and shudder. NO ONE IS SAFE! Don’t come alone as you will be too terrified to leave on your own! Bring a spook party of your favorite fiends!

PLEASE NOTE: WHILE SMELLING SALTS AND MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS WILL BE ON HAND FOR EMERGENCY RESUCITATION , YOU ATTEND THIS FRIGHT-FEST AT YOUR OWN RISK. We can not take responsibility for those with weak hearts, nervous conditions or wimpy dispositions. 

$10 adv / $12 doors

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